Is this season really the worst in living memory?

Last night I read a Facebook post by The Boss saying “This season is the worst I can remember” and it occurred to me that my database of swims had the raw facts. So for those who are interested here they are…presented in all the graphical glory that only a Bain management consultant can enjoy…

Here is the last decade of swims against swim week (starting in or around 21st May and going through to 5th November). As you can see from the red line, 2017 started better than most years with an excellent early July but then ground to a dramatic halt…but that only brings it back to the average with 44 swims against the last 10 year average of 43. Today may change all that with lots of boats out…

2017-09-17 Swims by Week_Chart

So sorry, Boss, but this year is just about average…but has been awful for the last month…not great for a management consultant who booked w/c 29th July for his swim!

Here is the raw data for those who love the raw numbers and heat maps…enjoy!

2017-08-13 Crossings per year_Chart2017-08-13 Swims by Week


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